FKN12-24 Series Pressure-Operated Load Switch
FKN12-24 Series Pressure-Operated Load Switch

FKN12-24 Series Pressure-Operated Load Switch

FKN12-24 Series Pressure-Operated Load Switch
FKN12-24RD Series Pressure-Operated Load Switch-Fuse Combination

FKN12-24 Series Pressure-Operated Load Switch





1.1 FKN□-24RD series high-pressure-operated load switch and its combined unit are AC 24kV, 50Hz indoor high-voltage switchgear. This load switch is characterized by high specific technical parameters and reliable operation. The basic form of the operating mechanism is a manual spring energy storage form, and an electromagnetic spring operating mechanism can also be equipped. Based on the principle of compressed gas used for arc extinguishment, this product can breaking many times without replacement of an arc-extinguishing tube. Under the normal circuit conditions, the high-voltage load switch can close, carry, and open the load current, and has the capacity of closing short-circuit current and of carrying short-circuit current within a specified time. 

1.2 FKN□-24RD series load switch can be equipped with an earthing switch that has the same short-circuit closing capacity and dynamic thermal stability capacity as the load switch, with a strict mechanical interlock with the load switch to prevent mis-operation structurally. 

1.3 FKN□-24RD load switch can be equipped with a high-voltage current limiting type fuse (with an impactor) to form a load switch – fuse-combination unit for overload and short-circuit protection of load (such as power transformer). When one or multiple phases of fuse is broken, three phases of load switch will open automatically. The high-voltage load switch is installed in the loop-network switchgear and other type of switchgear for electric energy receiving and distribution. 

1.4 Standard □ GB3804-2004 High-voltage alternating-current switches for rated voltage above 3 kV and less than 63 kV □ GB16926-2009 High-voltage alternating current switch-fuse combinations

1Rated voltageHz24
2Rated   frequency Hz50
3Rated currentA630
4Max. rated   current of fuseA80
5Rated active load   breaking current,A630
Rated closed-loop breaking current
6Rated short-time   withstand current (2S)kA20
7Rated   short-circuit operating currentkA50
Rated peak withstand current
8Power frequency   voltage(1min)kV65/79
9Lightning impulse   withstand voltage (peak)kV125/145
10Rated   cable-charging breaking currentA16
11Mechanical lifeTimes2,000
12Rated transfer   current or AC currentA1050
13Rated   short-circit breaking current of fusekA31.5
For FKRN □-24 type, FKRN □-24D   type, Rated current of fuse is up to 80A.

Working environment conditions:

1.1 Altitude: not exceed 1,000 m.

1.2 Ambient temperature: Max. temperature: +40℃; Min. temperature: -10℃;

1.3 Relative humidity: The daily mean is not greater than 9.5%, and the monthly mean is not greater than 90%.

1.4 The seismic intensity is below 8 magnitude scales. Any requirements out of the above conditions shall be jointly determined between the user and the manufacturer.



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