LAY5 Series Button Switch
LAY5 Series Button Switch

LAY5 Series Button Switch

LAY5 series button switch is suitable for AC 50Hz industrial control circuit with rated working voltage up to 380V and with DC working voltage up to 220V as line control for electrical devices such as magnetic starter, contactor, and relay, and for light signal indication application with its indicator button.

LAY5 Series Button Switch





Rated insulation voltage Ui (V)660
Resistive current Ith (A)10
Rated working voltage Ue (V)
Rated working curren Ie (A)AC-152.5

Working environment conditions:

4.1 Ambient temperature: Not exceed +40℃, and the mean temperature within 24h does not exceed +35℃; the lower limit of ambient air temperature is -5℃.

4.2 Altitude: Not exceed 2,000 meters.

4.3 Atmospheric condition: The relative air humidity does not exceed 50% at the highest temperature +40℃; a higher relative humidity is allowed at a lower temperature, such as up to 90% at +20℃; special measures are taken for condensation occurred occasionally due to temperature changes.

4.4 Pollution degree: 3.

4.5 Installation category: Class II.



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