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5G infrastructure

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Mobile communication network consists of core network, bearer network and wireless access network. The core network is the center of the mobile communication network, which is responsible for the management and control of the whole mobile communication network; The bearer network is used to connect the core network and wireless access network. It is the network responsible for carrying data transmission; The main network element of the wireless access network is the base station, which connects the user terminal to the mobile network through wireless connection.

With the development of mobile communication technology, the use of low frequency is close to saturation, and the carrier frequency of mobile communication becomes higher and higher, which means that the coverage radius of cellular system is smaller and smaller (the higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength, and the greater the attenuation of electromagnetic wave).

The coverage radius is not only determined by the carrier frequency point, but also related to many other factors, such as natural environment, user density and so on.

2G, 3G and 4G base stations are low-frequency signal transmission, and a single base station covers a wide range. Because 5g works in the medium and high frequency band, the coverage of single base station is limited. Therefore, in order to ensure the full coverage of signals, the number of 5g base stations will be doubled compared with 4G base stations.

The deployment of 5g base stations presents a three-dimensional networking form of coordination between macro stations and micro stations, matching between high stations and low stations, and combination of indoor and outdoor.

Electrical system of base station

General distribution solution

Modular power distribution solution - indoor type

Modular power distribution solution - outdoor type

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