TGB1N-MV+MN overvoltage and No-voltage release (hereinafter referred to as release) is mainly used in AC 50/60Hz with rated voltage of 230Vand is assembled with the TGB1N series miniature circuit breaker with shell frame rated current 63A and with the residual current action circuit breaker with frame rated current 63A(32A) for overvoltage and No-voltage protection.
Available Standards:IEC 60947-2


Basic   Parameters
Working voltage(Overvoltage V AC)single   phase,three phase four-wire protection   voltage:AC280(1±5%)V、AC170(1±5%)V
    Three phase protection voltage:AC460(1±5%)V、AC300(1±5%)V
Working voltage(No-voltage V AC)161±5%
Overvoltage life500   times
Max.wiring area(mm²)2.5



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