TGM3G series disconnector is suitable for AC 50Hz circuit with rated insulation voltage 1000V, rated working voltage 400V and below and rated current up to 800A for isolation in the low-voltage power generation,transmission, and power distribution line as obvious break points.
The disconnector can be perpendicularly installed (and vertically installed), and can be horizontally installed (and laterally installed).






Working environment conditions:

1.1 Temperature

1.1.1The ambient air temperature does not exceed +40℃, the lower limit is -5℃, and the mean temperature within 24h does not exceed +35℃.

1.1.2In special environment: The lower limit of temperature is not below -25℃, and the upper limit does not exceed +55℃.

1.2 Altitude

1.2.1The altitude at the installation site where the product works normally does not exceed 2,000 meters.

1.2.2If the altitude exceeds 2,000 meters, the altitude coefficient derating is required, or contact our company.

1.3 Humidity

1.3.1The relative air humidity does not exceed 50% at the maximum ambient temperature +40℃, and a higher relative humidity is allowed at a low temperature.

1.3.2The maximum mean relative humidity of the wettest month does not exceed 90%, and the monthly minimum mean temperature of this month does not exceed +25℃.

1.2.3The influence of condensation occurred on the product surface due to temperature changes to the product performance shall be considered.

1.4 Pollution degree:3

1.5 Usage and installation

1.5.1“1”, “3”, “5”, and “N” are incoming terminals and “2”, “4”, “6”, and “N” are outgoing terminals of disconnector; the vertical installation is required rather than reverse installation or reverse wiring connection.

1.5.2The inclination of product installation in each direction does not exceed ±5°.

1.5.3The external magnetic field near the disconnector installation site shall not exceed 5 times earth’s magnetic field in any direction .

Basic Informaiton

Resistive current (Ith)125250400800
Number of poles3P、4P3P、4P3P、4P3P、4P
Frequency (Hz)50505050
Rated working voltage Ue (V)400400400400
Rated insulation voltage Ui (V)1000100010001000
Rated impulse withstand voltage881212
Uimp (kV)
Rated working   current Ie (A)16A, 20A, 25A,100A, 125A, 140A,225A, 250A, 315A, 350A, 400A630A, 700A, 800A
32A, 40A, 50A,160A, 180A, 200A,
63A, 80A, 100A, 125A225A, 250A



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