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Release time:2022-05-20

Recently, the smart low-voltage electrical appliance future factory built by TENGEN Electric was successfully listed in the "2022 Zhejiang Province "Future Factory" Pilot Enterprise List". Previously, TENGEN Electric has won the honors of "Zhejiang Intelligent Factory in 2020" and "2021 National Excellent Intelligent Manufacturing Scenario".

Zhejiang Province's selection of future factory pilot enterprises aims to drive more upstream and downstream enterprises and industries to transform, upgrade, and iterate by creating a new generation of information technology and advanced manufacturing benchmarking enterprises in intelligent manufacturing. TENGEN Electric was successfully selected as the only company in Yueqing this time, which is an affirmation of the company's work achievements in informatization construction, digital transformation, intelligent application and industry leading demonstration role over the years.

The TENGEN Electric digital assembly workshop is full of automated assembly lines. The assembly line adopts a U-shaped layout. The intelligent AGV trolley automatically sends the product shell to the material point of the production line. The six-axis robot grabs the product shell and puts it on the conveyor line. Each product shell is fed into the equipment by the conveyor belt. With the rhythmic "click, click" sound of the robotic arm and the equipment, more than 20 processes such as assembly and inspection are automatically completed.

"This production line can complete a one-pole product in an average of 1.5 seconds." The head of the Lean Production Department of TENGEN Electric introduced that this automated production line independently designed and manufactured by Tengen and has independent intellectual property rights is a microcosm of TENGEN's intelligent manufacturing. It is also one of the achievements of Tengen's system application with "enterprise brain + future factory" as the core. "A fully automatic production line can replace 100 production employees, and the per capita output is increased by 7 times."

The infrastructure construction of the new park in this future factory project has been completed, and multiple intelligent workshops such as terminals, power distribution, and industrial control have been built, and the deep integration and application of PLM, ERP, APS, MES and other systems have been realized, and the new generation of intelligent power distribution products have been put into market application. At present, TENGEN Electric has completed the construction of 3 digital workshops, and has invested more than 10 new automatic production lines and more than 200 intelligent equipments, realizing a 95% automation rate of the whole process of new micro-breaking, greatly improving production efficiency and shortening order delivery cycle.

By building a future factory, TENGEN Electric has completed the construction of an all-round intelligent factory of "digital R & D, digital supply chain, digital production and digital operation", continuously strengthened the function of serving customers, and made meeting customer needs an important internal driving force for change. After the completion of the future factory project, the enterprise is expected to increase the production capacity by 30%, realize the annual production capacity of 100 million sets of series products, reduce the factory operation cost by more than 30%, improve the production efficiency by more than 80%, and achieve 100% design digitization rate and key process NC rate.

The empowerment of manufacturing by digital technology is not only reflected in manufacturing and other links, but also penetrates into the industrial chain and ecosystem, thereby promoting the formation of a higher level of division of labor among enterprises. In this "Future Factory" evaluation list, TENGEN Electric is listed in the form of "chain main factory". The company will promote industrial chain collaboration and manufacturing service model innovation by building a customer service platform and a supply chain collaboration platform.

According to reports, TENGEN Electric currently has a relatively complex and huge supply chain system, including thousands of distribution partners, channel end customers, cooperative suppliers, etc. The company attaches great importance to in-depth cooperation with upstream and downstream partners in the supply chain. As early as 2019, TENGEN started the construction of a collaborative symbiotic "chain master" factory with the "Future Factory" as its blueprint.

At present, the construction of TENGEN Electric's "chain main factory" has achieved certain results, and a supply chain cloud platform with TENGEN Electric as the core has been established. For example, at the level of dealers and end customers, through TENGEN Electric DMC channel cloud system, TENGEN dealers and customers can be online in real time to realize interaction of products, orders, customization, financial management, etc.; at the level of platform providers and key customers, based on M -The EDI platform of API technology is connected to the IT system of partners, and it has been integrated with key customer systems such as State Grid Corporation of China EIP, ABB, etc., which can realize networked business collaboration between the two parties and effectively improve the efficiency of supply chain collaboration; At the support level, TENGEN Electric's SRM supplier management system is applied to achieve efficient and transparent supply chain collaboration, which reduces both inventory and transaction costs while satisfying on-demand delivery.

"In the future, we will explore and research a number of new processes, new equipment, new methods and new models, and lead the intelligent development of the industry and upstream and downstream enterprises through the coordination of the industrial chain." Fang Chufu, vice president of TENGEN Electric Supply Chain System, said that TENGEN Electric's intelligent supply chain realizes information sharing between upstream and downstream enterprises in the supply chain through DMC, SRM, EDI and other technologies, and combines BI and big data to track and optimize supply chain conditions, effectively reducing supply chain risks and realizing supply chain resources. Integration and efficient collaboration.

The smart factory is a strong guarantee for TENGEN Electric's supply capacity. In the face of the "cold spring" of the epidemic, TENGEN Electric strictly adhered to the safety gate of epidemic prevention and control, promoted the digital and intelligent development of the enterprise, ensured the efficient production of the enterprise, stepped up production to support the construction of makeshift hospitals, and made every effort to ensure the supply of key projects across the country.

Thanks to the efficient collaboration of the smart factory, TENGEN Electric can efficiently complete the process from coordinating product inventory, packing, and loading to the company's delivery within 2 hours after receiving the demand. The Yangtze River Delta region arranges a special car, which can be delivered within 24 hours. Since March, TENGEN Electric has always insisted on creating the "Ark of Life" with many partners, assisting the construction and operation of 24 makeshift hospitals in Shanghai, Jilin, Shandong and other places, and contributing TENGEN Power to the fight against the epidemic throughout the country.

In the future, TENGEN Electric will take the "future factory" as the framework to improve its independent innovation ability, accelerate the company's intelligent and digital transformation and upgrading, and enable the coordinated development of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, so as to add more economic "new engines" of green growth to the industrial butterfly leap forward and leapfrog development.


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