International Delegation highly affirms TENGEN Future Factory

Release time:2023-11-29

On November 18, the Ministry of Commerce of China organized the "the Belt and Road" international delegation to visit TENGEN.

The international delegation was composed of heads of the Ministry of Electricity, the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Science and Technology of 7 countries, including Uzbekistan, Türkiye, Ethiopia, Venezuela and Serbia. The delegation of over 20 people came to TENGEN Zhejiang Yueqing factory to explore the cutting-edge practices of TENGEN smart manufacturing. The TENGEN executive team warmly received guests from afar and had in-depth discussions in the conference room.

“Amazing! Entering the TENGEN Future Factory, the focus is on robotic arms, welding robots, AGV handling robots, intelligent three-dimensional warehouses, etc.... TENGEN Factory has a first-class level of digital intelligence! "The international delegation intuitively felt the smart manufacturing ability of TENGEN's high-end products and praised TENGEN Future Factory repeatedly.

At the new generation product testing and testing center and smart logistics center, Fang Chufu, Vice President of TENGEN Electric Supply Chain, introduced the new layout, achievements, and applications of TENGEN's "One Body, Two Wings, and Three Supports" strategy to the international delegation. The international delegation highly affirmed TENGEN manufacturing and stated that they will work together with TENGEN to explore the international market!

Marco Antonio Castillo Parra, Director of the International Department of the Venezuelan Ministry of Science and Technology, expressed his shock at TENGEN's high-end products and technology research and development. TENGEN's new energy, electricity and other solutions have greatly helped Venezuela's local industrial and agricultural development. Min Htike Myo, Deputy General Manager of the Myanmar Ministry of Energy, also expressed admiration for TENGEN's intelligent chemical plant and looked forward to establishing deep cooperation with TENGEN.

During the symposium, both sides warmly exchanged commemorative gifts and had in-depth exchanges on consolidating cooperation achievements and better promoting deep cooperation in industries such as green energy, and reached broad consensus.

We will utilize TENGEN's technology and solutions to provide global customers with a comprehensive range of green energy, allowing them to share the benefits of China's smart manufacturing. "Xie Lili, head of TENGEN Electric's overseas business, said that TENGEN will continue to launch intelligent products and high-quality solutions to help global energy green and low-carbon development.


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