(H)GW4 Series Outdoor High-Voltage   AC Disconnector
(H)GW4 Series Outdoor High-Voltage AC Disconnector

(H)GW4 Series Outdoor High-Voltage AC Disconnector

(H) GW4 series outdoor high-voltage single-phase disconnector (hereinafter referred to as disconnector) is a three-phase AC 50Hz outdoor high-voltage power distribution device with the rated voltage 12-40.5kV,suitable for 10-35kV power supply system for cutting off and closing the high-voltage line with voltage under non-load and for electrical isolation of the electrical devices under repair such as high-voltage bus and circuit breaker from the live high-voltage line.
It is also used to turn on/off a very small capacitive current and inductive current. Among them, the anti-pollution disconnector can satisfy the users in the heavy foul area, and can effectively solve the pollution flashover problem occurred during the operation of general disconnector.

(H)GW4 Series Outdoor High-Voltage   AC Disconnector





Working environment conditions:

1.1 Ambient air temperature: Max. temperature is +45℃, Min. temperature is -40℃, and the max. daily temperature difference up to 25K.

1.2 Relative humidity: The daily mean is not greater than 95%, and the monthly mean is not greater than 90%.

1.3 Altitude: Not exceed 1,000 meters.

1.4 Wind speed: Not exceed 35 m/s.

1.5 Pollution degree: Common (20mm/kV), 2 (25mm/kV), 4 (31mm/kV)

1.6 Icing thickness: 10 mm.

1.7 Seismic intensity should not exceed 8 magnitude scales.

1.8 There is no frequent violent vibration at the installation site.

1.9 There is no obvious pollutions such as dust, smoke, corrosive gas, or salt spray in the ambient air. Please contact the manufacturer if the product works out of the normal working condition range.

1Rated voltagekV1240.5
2Rated insulation levelPower frequency withstand   voltage (1min)To earth4295
Open contacts49118
Lightning impulse   withstand voltage (peak)To earth75185
Open contacts85215
3Rated current400, 630, 1000,   1250 630 ,1250, 1600,   2000
44S rated thermal stability   current (effective value)kA20, 25, 31.5

5Rated dynamtic current (peak)
50, 63, 80
6Mechanical lifeTimes3,000


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