TGQ1NP series automatic transfer switch is suitable for two-phase/three-phase four-wire dual power supply network with AC current of 50Hz, rated working voltage of AC230V (2P) / AC400V (3P/4P), rated working current up to 250A, to automatically connect one or more load circuits from one power supply to another, ensuring the normal power supply of the load circuit.
This product is suitable for industrial places, commercial places, high-rise and residential buildings and other important places.
Comply with the following standards: This product complies with IEC 60947-6-1.


TGQ1NP series automatic transfer switch is a new generation of Grade PC products combining advanced digital electronic control technology. It has the characteristics of small volume, energy-saving, convenient installation and reliable double interlocking and advanced and complete functions.

1.1 Small volume, novel appearance, sliding closure design, flexible operation, safety and reliability.

1.2 The instantaneous structure design utilizes the dual-spring drive design, which is simple and stable.

1.3 Rotating contact structure and circular arc extinguishing device, with good arc extinguishing performance and long service life of contacts

Normal working conditions and installation conditions

1.1 Ambient air temperature: -5ºC~ +40ºC, with the average temperature within 24h not exceeding +35ºC;

1.2 Altitude: the altitude of the installation site shall be not more than 2,000m;

1.3 Atmospheric conditions: the relative humidity of atmosphere shall not exceed 50% at the maximum ambient temperatureof +40ºC, and a higher relative humidity is allowed at the lower temperature. For example, the relative humidity can reach 90% at +20ºC. Special measures shall be taken for occasional condensation due to temperature changes.

2.4 Pollution class: 3

Product   model TGQ1NP-125 TGQ1NP-250
Standards IEC60947-6-1
Rated current (A) 16/20/25/32/40/50/63/80/100/125125/140/160/180/200/225/250
Rated operating voltage (V) 2PAC-230/50Hz
Rated insulation voltage (V) 8001000
Impulse withstand voltage (KV) 812
Pole number 2P/3P/4P
Use classes AC-33B



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