HR17N series fuse disconnector switch is used in AC low-voltage distribution device with the power of 50Hz, rated voltage of circuit curren690V and rated current of 800A, and is suitable for distribution current and motor circuits with high short. It is used as power switch, switch disconnector and emergency switch, and used for circuit protection, but generally not used for direct power on and power off of a motor.
This product complies with IEC60947-3 standards.






Working environment conditions:

1.1 Ambient air temperature

The ambient air temperature shall be not higher than +40ºC and the average temperature within 24 hours shall be not higher than +35ºC. Ambient air temperature shall not be lower than -5ºC.

1.2 Altitude

The altitude of installation site shall not be more than 2,000m.

1.3 Atmospheric conditions

1.3.1 When the maximum temperature is +40ºC, the relative humidity of atmosphere at the installation site shall be not higher than 50%, and a higher relative humidity is allowed at the lower temperature. For example, the relative humidity can reach 90% at 20ºC. Special measures shall be taken to deal with occasional condensation due to temperature change.

1.3.2 Pollution grade: 3.

1.4 Installation category: III; They shall be installed in a place without significant shake, shock and vibration,and invasion of rain and snow, where there shall be no media with explosive danger which does not contain any gas or dust sufficient to corrode metal and damage the insulation.

1.5 It shall be installed vertically. The indicating position of the handle indicating end shall be consistent with the product status.

Main technical parameters
Conventional heating current Ith 100160250400630800
Rated operating current Ie(A)101620253240506380100246810162025324050638010012516080100125160200250125160200224250315350400315400500630315400500630800
Rated operating voltage Ue(V) AC415/690 50Hz
FuseModel RT18-125 RT16-00 RT16-1 RT16-2 RT16-3 RT16-3
Dissipation power(W) 9.51223344875.3



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