44、 59 Series Analogue Panel Meters
44、 59 Series Analogue Panel Meters

44、 59 Series Analogue Panel Meters

44 and 59 series meter consist of a measuring line, a measuring mechanism and an indicating device. The internal magnetic structure in the magnetic-electric system is used. The plastic housing, full-transparent organic glass window and printed scale panel are used to provide an artistic and elegant entire appearance with wide view field.


Product   name Spec. Measurement   range Accuracy grade
DC ammeter 59C2-A   44C2-
50μA-20A   (direct connection)
    20A-10kA/75mV/60mV (external device) 
Grade   1.5
DC voltmeter 59C2-V   44C2-
50V-600V   (direct connection)
    450V-450kV/1mA/5mA (external device) 
Grade   1.5
AC ammeter 59L1-A
500mA-30A   (direct connection)
    5A-10kA/5A/1A (external device) 
Grade   1.5
AC voltmeter 59L1-V
15V-600V   (direct connection)
    380V-450kV/100V (external device) 
Grade   1.5
Frequency meter 59L1-H
45-55Hz,   45-65Hz, 55-65Hz Equivalent rated
    voltage 100V 200V 380V 
Grade   2.5

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