69、 85 Series Analogue Panel Meters
69、 85 Series Analogue Panel Meters

69、 85 Series Analogue Panel Meters

85 and 69 series meters consist of a measuring line, a measuring mechanism and an indicator device. The magneto-electricity system magnetic structure is used. With plastic housing, full-transparent organic glass window, and printed scale panel used, the entire structure is elegant and artistic with open view.


Product   name Spec. Measurement   range Accuracy grade
DC ammeter 85C1-A   69C9-A
    85C17-A 69C17-A
50μA-20A   (direct connection)
    20A-10kA/75mV/60mV (external device) 
Grade   2.5
DC voltmeter 85C1-V   69C9-V
    85C17-V 69C17-V
50V-600V   (direct connection)
    450V-450kV/1mA/5mA (external device) 
Grade   2.5
AC ammeter 69L9-A   69L17-A
    85L1-A 85L17-A
500mA-30A   (direct connection)
    5A-10kA/5A/1A (external device) 
Grade   2.5
AC voltmeter 69L9-V   69L17-V
    85L1-V 85L17-V
15V-600V   (direct connection)
    380V-450kV/100V (external device) 
Grade   2.5
Frequency meter 85L1-H
45-55Hz,   45-65Hz, 55-65Hz Equivalent rated
    voltage 100V 200V 380V 
Grade   2.5

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