TGHD11N series disconnector switches is a new product developed based on HD11, and an ideal replacement product for HD11 and HD11F ideal replacement products. It can greatly improve the personal safety protection performance, and prevent accidental electric shock.
It is mainly used in low-voltage distribution equipment for occasional manual power on, power off and isolation of the power supply, cutting off and isolating power supply.
This product complies with IEC 60947-3 standard.






Working environment conditions:

1.1 The ambient air temperature shall not exceed +40ºC, and not lower than 5ºC.

1.2 The altitude of the installation site shall be not more than 2,000m.

1.3 Humidity:

When the maximum temperature is +40ºC, the relative humidity of the atmosphere shall be not higher than 50%, and a higher relative humidity is allowed at the lower temperature. For example, the relative humidity can reach 90% at 20ºC. Special measures shall be taken to deal with occasional condensation due to temperature change.

1.4 The grade of environment pollution is 3.

1.5 The switch shall be installed in a place without significant shake, shock and vibration, and invasion of rain and snow, where there shall be no media with explosive danger which does not contain any gas or dust sufficient to corrode metal and damage the insulation.

Conventional   heating current Ith(A) 160
Rated operating current Ie(A) 6380100160
Rated operating voltage Ue(V) 415/690/800
Rated insulation voltage Ui(V) 1000
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp(kV) 12
Utilization Category AC-20A
Mechanical life 10000
Rated short-duration withstand current Icw(kA/s) 5



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