TGM3 series moulded case circuit breaker is one of the new circuit breakers researched and developed by us with international advanced technology. It has the characteristics of zero flashover, high breaking, box-type accessories, small and compact structure, green and environmental protection.
By rated limit short-circuit breaking capacity (Icu), the circuit breaker is divided into L type (standard), M type (relatively high breaking) and H (high breaking). It is an ideal product for power distribution and motor protection. It has the rated isolation voltage of 800V. It can be used for occasional circuit switch and startup of motor in circuits with the rated working voltage ≤690V and rated current of 16A-800A.


Working environment conditions:

1.1 Temperature

1.1.1 The ambient air temperature shall be not higher than +40ºC but shall not lower than -5ºC, and the average temperature within 24 hours shall be not higher than +35ºC.

1.1.2 In special environment: The temperature shall not be <-25ºC and >+55ºC.

1.1.3 Derate according to the attitude factors or contact us when the temperature is >+40ºC and <-5ºC.

1.2 Altitude

1.2.1 The attitude for normal operation shall not exceed 2,000m.

1.2.2 Derate according to the attitude factors or contact us when the attitude is above 2,000m.

1.3 Humidity

1.3.1 The relative humidity of atmosphere shall be not more than 50% at the ambient air temperature of +40ºC. A higher relative humidity is allowed at the lower temperature.

1.3.2 The monthly average maximum relative humidity of the wettest month shall not exceed 90%, and the monthly average minimum temperature shall not exceed +25°C.

1.3.3 Please consider the effect of condensation on product surface due to temperature changes on product performance.

1.4 Pollution class: 3.

1.5 Installation class: III.

1.6 Installation conditions: The inclination with the vertical plane does not exceed 5° when installation of the circuit breaker.

Technical   Specification
Frame rated current 125250400630800
Pole number 3P3P+N4P 3P3P+N4P 3P3P+N4P 3P3P+N4P 3P3P+N4P
Frequency (Hz) 5050505050
Rated working voltage Ue (V) 400/550/690 400/550/690 400/550/690 400/550/690 400/550/690
Rated insulation voltage Ui (V) 800800100010001000
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp
Rated working current In(A)16A20A25A32A40A50A63A80A100A125A100A125A140A160A180A200A225A250A225A250A315A350A400A400A500A600A630A400A500A600A630A700A800A



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